Awards                                                                    RogerGrangeCredits07.pdf
1997 Earthwatch Film Award and 1993 Honorable mention by the American Film and Video Association, for co-directing and cinematography on “the Quiet Revolution”.
Voted Best Cinematography by a panel of judges-  Allen Daviau, James Glennon, and John Bailey- in the 1988 FOCUS awards for “Where or When”, which also won Best Film at the festival in Los Angeles.
2003 Cine Golden Eagle for “9/11 Response and Recovery” produced by Signet Productions, Inc.
2003 Emmy nominee “Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans”, produced by
Seth Kramer and Daniel Miller, Great Projects Film Company.

Numerous awards for videos produced by CCG Metamedia on pharmaceutical subjects.
Selected Documentaries
PBS:  America at a Crossroads	                    “Security Vs Liberty”:  Patriot Act
TLC/ YouthAids /Tiger Tigress		           “Confronting the Pandemic”:  Ashley Judd and Salma
    Hayek visit Central America to promote AIDS prevention and healthcare. 
New Jersey Network			                    “Ethics Roundtable”  big multi camera  setup
National Geographic Channel		           “Megastructures: New York Bridges”  Varicam HD 
Dina	Guttman                        		           “Transhumanism”:  immortality
New Jersey Network /Ed Gray		           “Stem Cell Research”   ethical debate
New Jersey Network /Ed Gray		           “Education”    NJ high schools
Film for Thought / Suzanne Bauman	           “DC Artists Project”
PBS /Great Projects/ Ironbound	Films            “America Rebuilds: Pt 2"  Ground Zero  NYC
National Geographic Channel		            “Everyday Things”  HDCAM F900 camera
Turnstone Productions		                     “Haverstraw, NY”  changes in Hudson village
Before 2006
EquinoxFilms for PBS			    “The Writing Code”  shoots in Iran and Egypt.
Anatomical Travelogue Inc		              “John Perry Barlow’s Health Challenge” 	
    Grateful Dead songwriter gets a full body health makeover.
Anatomical Travelogue Inc		              “Heart” and “Blood”  medical documentaries
Transition Productions                               “Descent”  feature HD documentary-  Additional camera
Discovery / Anatomical Travelogue	     “Anatomy of Sex”
Immy Humes / Doc Tank		               “Planting Trees”  26 foot Jib to film tree planting on an estate.
Sony Music				                Alessandro Safina with Phil Ramone.
Discovery Times / Ed Gray		               “Someone’s Watching”  surveillance
Discovery/Leibovitz Hellman Prods	      “Highwire”  Chinese slackwire artist
Alliance for Justice			                Susan Sarandon opening sequence 
PBS / Great Projects			               “America Rebuilds: A Year at Ground Zero”,
    including introduction by Kevin Spacey
PBS / Great Projects			               “Resistance: Untold Stories of Jewish Partisans”  
Idealist Films/Lisa Hepner                          “Peace by Peace:  Women on the Front Lines”
Signal Hill Entertainment		               “West Point: 200 Years of Honor and Tradition”
Food Network / Tiger Aspect		      “Mario’s Restaurant Rookies”:   Mario Batali
PBS / Great Projects			               “Media Matters” 2002, 2003
Stone Lantern Films, PBS		               “School” 16mm film.  History of public education
Videotours Productions		               “Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures”  wildlife  1992-1996
Bruce Norfleet				               “POW’s”: “B” camera on 24P HD documentary.  
National Geo Special, Jamie Hellman	      “Inside the FBI”   2002.
National Geographic: 			      “Wade Davis”:   Immy Humes, Director, 2001.
PBS  “NOW with Bill Moyers”:  	                field stories,  2 camera interviews
Classic Albums- Isis Films (UK)	                “Lou Reed: Transformer”
PBS American Experience		                “Letters From War”:  Robbie Kenner,  Prod/Director 16mm
PBS, Great Projects Films		                “Great Projects: The Building of America”, 16mm.
Turnstone Productions/StoneLantern	       “Megamall”  co producer with Vera Aronow, Sarah Mondale
PBS / Great Projects			                “Crucible of Empire”: Cuba and Philippines. 16mm.
PBS, Ben Shapiro			                 Ruben Blades: Opening for “Buena Vista Social Club”
Bill Moyers/PBS			                          “Trade Secrets: Chemical Industry”  B camera on 2 cam  int.
Nature / PBS                                                  “Orangutans”  shot in the National Zoo in DC
American Mus of Nat History		        Geology videos for permanent exhibitions BetaSP and HDCam
ABC News: Millennium series		        “The Century”  many interviews and B roll for many episodes
PBS / Ben Shapiro			                 “Latest Word”   hosted by Ray Suarez
Turner Original Programming		        “Wild City”  Isabella Rosellini, Central Park Animals 
Discovery Channel			                 “Deep Sea, Deep Secrets”: submarine Alvin
PBS / Suzanne Bauman		                 “Jackie: Behind the Myth”  Jackie Onassis
Turner Original Programming		        “The Hidden Zoo”  National Zoo Vets
MTV / Lucky Duck Productions		        “No Money, Mo’ Problems”  producer-  Lisa Jackson
Dan Jenkins/ Atlas Media		                  “Tea Dance”    ballroom dancing
PBS / Tatge Lasseur Productions	         “The Tenth Van Cliburn Int’l Piano Competition”:   B  camera Discovery / Great Projects		                  “He Conquered Space: Wernher Von Braun”
HBO / Simon and Goodman Prods	         “Heart”  B camera,  heart transplant for child  
National Geographic "Explorer"	“Secret Subs”;    the Making of “Hawaii” NGS Special 
    “Jungle Spaceport”; “Way of the Wodaabe”, “Civil War Games”, worked on many other episodes
PBS	“The Quiet Revolution”	                   Bangladesh, Honduras, India   co director, award winner
Monticello / FM Productions		          “Jefferson the Statesman”: Visitors Center film; 16mm
PBS / Great Performances		                   “Songs of Six Families”: BB King, Linda Ronstadt,  16mm
PBS / American Masters                                 “You're the Top:  The Cole Porter Story”:   co DP
Paul Winter				                    "Song for the World":  music video filmed in Russia; 16mm

Marketing and Advertising
Johnny Depp, Director			          “Banter”    35mm Panavision  anti drug short film  1994
Ironbound Films			                   “Acumen Fund”  B&W 16mmfilm  2006
Five Browns (Sony Music)                               music video for sibling pianists  B-camera
Deloitte and Touche			                   commercials for consulting firm,  Scott Morris 2006.	
Turnstone Productions			          “GDC Home Guide”  DVD for homeowners  Co-Director/DP
Astra Zeneca / CCG Metamedia	                    Seroquel: 2 commercials  24P SDX 900.   2006
Pfizer / CCG Metamedia		                    Xalatan: 3 commercials for  Glaucoma drug.  2006
Pfizer / CCG Metamedia		                    Exubera: commercial for inhaled insulin.  30P SDX900.  2006 
CCG Metamedia			                    Geodon: doctor informational video  2006
Conde Nast / Virtual Beauty		           promo 24P HD directed by Jane Nisselson; 2002.
Met Life				                              insurance company videos  1990 to 2006.
Celine Dion and Anne Geddes		           2 camera shoot to promote new CD and book.  2005
Verdasys / Scott Morris		                    commercial for corporate security software  2005-06
Astra Zeneca /	CCG Metamedia	           videos for presentation at a sales conference 2005 
Pfizer / CCG Metamedia		                    numerous videos for marketing, training, and promotion
Pfizer / CCG Metamedia		                    Xalatan- commercial and marketing videos - glaucoma drug
Red Hawk Productions / Merck		           ethics training video for pharmaceutical company  2005.
Cohn Creative Group 			           World Security Challenge: amusing dramatizations   2006
Smith Barney				                    Many Promotional and informational videos   1995-2007
Mastercard: 				                    Marketing and info videos for Mastercard  2000- 2006.
Smith Barney				                    “More than Good Fortune”  philanthropy video  2006	
Smith Barney				                    Financial Consultants  commercial,  B&W   2005
Smith Barney				                    Financial Consultants   short drama about ethics  2000

TV Commercials
Director of Photography:
Wine Spectator  2006  Dan Sladkus, Dir	        Museum of Natural History  2000  Geralyn Abinader, dir 
Buick: 1990, 35mm   Lear Levin, Dir		        Hershey Park 1993, 1994   16mm  Allan Albert, Dir
True Gold 2003,  16mm	 Steve Gruskin, Dir    Avacor  2001-04, 16mm  Steve Gruskin   dir 
Oxegen   2005  HD  Steve Gruskin   dir                 Centerpiece Gourmet  2005  Steve Gruskin  dir	
Massachusetts Governor’s race; Mandy Grunwald, director  16mm.

Camera operator:	
Lear Levin, Director Cameraman:                 GM, Chrysler, US Army, Champion Paper, others  35mm
Miller Beer: Michael Werk,dir  35mm   	Dristan: Kevin Jones, Dir   35mm	
CBS Sports: Brian Williams, Director, super16 film 

Selected Companies I have worked with:		
Citigroup	                                       Booz Allen and Hamilton
Deloitte and Touche	                    KPMG
Price Waterhouse Coopers	           Hasbro
Volvo Cars of America	           Proven (venture capital firm)
Cisco Systems	                             TDI Outdoor Advertising
Int’l Paper	                                      Ralph Lauren Cosmetics
Escada					 Pfizer: Japan, Europe, US, 
Smith Barney	                             Astra Zeneca
Lucent					  Exxon	
Met Life					  Chase Bank
IBM	                                                Morgan Stanley Dean Witter    
Merck					  Museum of Modern Art
Feature Films

“My Mother’s Early Lovers”-  DP                       Nora Jacobson, Director	Super 16

“Descent”                                                             Transition Productions  feature HD doc  Addl camera

“NY Cop”- camera operator 			    Japanese action movie		35mm

“Rock and Roll Vampire”			              low budget movie	Super 16

“Elsa’s Plums”					              Sony Z1U camera HDV

Dramatic Shorts

“Where or When”				              Rob Katz, Director   16mm
won grand prize in the FOCUS Awards competition, 1988,  voted best cinematography by judges panel      consisting of Allen Daviau,  James Glennon and John Bailey

“The Perverts”					              Yves Lavandier, Director   16mm

“Spree”					                        Andrew Maietta, Director	    16mm

“The Bank Job”				                        Ron Kopp, Director	16mm
starring Eszter Balint from “Stranger  Than Paradise”

“ICE”						                Kahane Corn -currently John Stewart's producer

Celebrities and Notable people filmed
Celine Dion                                     Michael Douglas                                Ashley Judd                                    Salma Hayek                                  Shaun White                                      Susan Sarandon
BB King                                          Linda Ronstadt                                   Kris Kristofferson                            Kevin Spacey                                 Ruben Blades                                     Debbie Harry
Lou Reed                                        Cab Calloway                                     Doc Cheatam
Faye Dunaway                                Matt Dillon                                          Louis Malle
Salman Rushdie                             George Plimpton                                 Chinua Achebe                                  David Halberstam                           Ramsey Clark                                     Henry Kissinger                                 President Jimmy Carter                  Dick Cheney                                       Barbara Boxer                                   Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg          President George HW Bush               President Ronald Reagan
President Bush                               Gen Norman Schwartzkopf                 Bill Moyers
Hillary Clinton                                 Justice Sandra Day O’Connor  

Roger Grange
Director of Photography

tel: 845-358-8687  cell:  914-325-2825
Nyack, New York,  10960  USAmailto:roger@turnstoneprod.comshapeimage_4_link_0